Our amazing team


Émily Bérard

- Project & Event Coordinator -

With a DEC in Communications, a Bachelor's degree in Elementary School Education and a ACS in Event Planning, Émily sure loves to coordinate and plan everything to a tee! From organizing weddings to conferences to private anniversaries, she never says no to a new event planning challenge.

Émily grew up in perfectly bilingual family and therefore, is very aware of the importance of languages. Now working as a project coordinator at Y4Y, Émily aspires to make this year's Summit one to remember!



Marie-Dina Salvione


Marie-Dina Salvione is part of the INM team since 2017. She is in charge of the CiviQc education program which already reached more than 6000 high school students from 15 to 17 years old troughout Québec. This program wishes to introduce them to democracy and civic engagement.

Trained designer, Marie-Dina is also an academic expert in built heritage. She is involved in many heritage organisations and teaches at the design faculty of the University of Québec in Montréal (UQAM). 

Among her many and diverse interests, she loves to conceive new ways to transmit knowledge between all society actors in order to get them involved in their community and increase their participation in democratic life.

Mesut Biderek

- Returning Youth Advisory Committee Member -

Mesut received his BA. in Geography Teaching from Marmara University, Istanbul. He spent one year of his study in Spain, where he obtained his teaching internship. After actively participating in many student-led organizations, Mesut moved to Quebec in 2017, where he enriched his French and acquired experience in the immigration field. He is passionate about history, politics, geography, and languages. He is excited to join the Y4Y team and to be part of the priority-setting summit.

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 Brendan Calado-Luke

- Returning Youth Advisory Committee Member -

My name is Brendan Calado-Luke and I am originally from the South Shore of Montréal but currently living in Gatineau, Québec while I finish my honours degree in Political Science and Communication at the University of Ottawa. I have always been interested in learning and encouraging ways that French and English can live alongside each other without conflict. This comes from my experience playing sports when my teammates and I learned to communicate and have fun no matter what language we spoke. I believe that being part of this committee allows myself to share that experience with others.

Daniel Yu

- RetuRning Youth Advisory Committee Member -

Born into an immigrant family, since youth, Daniel recognizes the challenges of possessing a language barrier, and how navigating it can be difficult. As such, he joined Y4Y as a youth advisor to make the change he wants to see. With the upcoming Summit, he hopes to empower tomorrow’s leaders and equip them with the proper tools to succeed. Daniel is otherwise an avid reader, a hockey player and an outdoorsman.

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Yasmin Farah Peer

- Youth Advisory Committee Member -

Yasmin Farah Peer (she/her) is currently studying at Concordia University, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Human Rights. She was appointed as a Canadian World Literacy Foundation Ambassador in 2020, and this experience inspired her to start a grassroots movement now, a youth led non-profit organization that’s on a quest to eradicate illiteracy and raise awareness about the beauty of education. She is excited to join the Y4Y team and is honoured to be a part of the priority-setting summit.

Leah Sarah Peer

- Youth Advisory Committee Member -

Leah Sarah Peer is a medical student at Saint James School of Medicine, the recipient of the Anne C. Carter Global Health Fellowship and a graduate of Concordia University, Specialization in Biology, Minor in Human Rights in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Alongside her medical studies, Leah loves voicing her thoughts through writing as she believes being publicly vocal on issues that matter is the first step of committing to change.

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 Mohamed Kerfela KOmara

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- Youth Advisory Committee Member -

Originally from Guinea, Mohamed is a Governance and capacity building specialist with several years of international development experience in the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of projects and programs. After studying Political Science, he obtained a Masters in Ethics and Governance and a second master’s in development, Governance and Public Management at Senghor University in Alexandria. Mohamed is working as the Africa Coordinator Climate Parliament in Africa where he is supporting Parliamentarians in high-profile renewable energy projects, programs, and policies financed by the European Union. Previously to Climate Parliament, he worked on institutional governance with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Côte d'Ivoire and is the author of the book 'Citizen Participation of Young People in Côte d'Ivoire: Analysis of UNDP Actions Through the Support Project for the Empowerment of Youth Organisations'.

Language is part of people identity, and all identity must be considered and protect for a better inclusion. The Y4Y team helps on that ideal of inclusion trough the priority-setting summit.

Charlotte Crober

- Youth Advisory Committee Member -

Originally from rural Southwestern Ontario, Charlotte has a bilingual honours degree in sociology from Glendon College at York University. Having dreamed of being bilingual since her childhood, she moved to Québec to broaden her knowledge and appreciation of the French language and culture. Nonetheless, she cannot deny that English will always be close to her heart. Her passions include cultural exchange, environmental sustainability, music, learning about basically anything, and introducing people to other people. 

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Members of the March 2021 edition

Alex Pettem

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Rhiannon Day

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Nicole Nashen

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